Design & Maintenance



West Siphoncs systems are designed using the technically advanced HydroStorm analytical software based upon recognised hydraulic formulae and methodology and verified by rigorous testing. Our rainwater drainage systems are designed in strict accordance with the theoretical principles and proven engineered solutions developed since the 1960’s and comply with BS EN 12056-3:2000 and BS 8490.

West Siphonics issue the following drawings throughout the process of design to other contractors, and main contractors: Provisional, Approval, Construction, and As Built drawings. Our experienced design team can produce DWG and PDF design drawings in 2D and 3D formats to suit each project, with all designs PI Insurance covered. West Siphonics also work closely with many architects during the project design period providing design assistance, specification and technical information, often attending design meetings to provide specialist advice.


The high velocity, full bore water flow within a West Siphonics siphonic roof drainage system means a minimal amount of maintenance is required as the siphonic system is self-cleansing. The West Siphonics HydroStorm 75 Siphonic baffle is designed to allow smaller sized debris from the roof/gutter to enter the siphonic system pipework as it is flushed out during rainfall.

As detailed within our Operations & Maintenance Manual, issued on completion of every West Siphonics project, the essential maintenance for a siphonic roof drainage system takes place on the roof where a routine cleaning and maintenance programme is required. Simply ensure the siphonic outlets remain free from blockage and you will enjoy trouble free roof drainage for the life of the building – that’s the beauty of a West Siphonics Siphonic Roof Drainage System.